Birthday and Private Party Information
Birthday Parties

     Let us host your child's next birthday party (or maybe even yours)!

     Come in for a 3 hour session during our open sessions and enjoy skating, music, pizza and pop with your friends and family. The cost is $10 per skating person and includes pizza, pop and skate/blade rental for each paid person (If own skates or blades are brought, price will be adjusted accordingly). For additional information on pizzas click hereCake/cupcakes and/or ice cream can be brought in with a pre-scheduled party. (We ask that you and your guests do not bring in any drinks, wood, candy or gum. Especially gum (bad for our floors. 

     We take care of the setup and clean-up! We also supply the plates, napkins, forks and knives unless you want to bring your own. A table will be reserved for your party. The birthday person's name will be posted on our outdoor sign for everyone to see! Also, the birthday person will be called out to the center of the skating floor (by themselves or with their party if they wish) and we will play the birthday song for them! 

Private Parties

     Private parties are a great way to celebrate! Let us host your company party, team party, or even family get together!

     You and your group get to skate for 2 hours here at Skatetricity without any interruptions that may come with a public skating session. Enjoy music, fun, laughter and most of all the company of your group!

     Pricing is simply $250  for the two hours with "no" limit on people (unless we are reaching capacity.) Food and drinks can be purchased separately at our concessions counter (No outside food or drinks may be brought in other than cake and ice cream.) If you would like to have pizzas ordered we need to know ahead of time how many pizzas you would need and with what toppings. For pricing on pizzas click here.
***Roller skate ($1) and roller blade ($2) rentals are extra.

If you would like to book a party or event please e-mail us at michelle@skatetricity.com or fill out the form here.

*If you cannot be contacted via phone for verification, the party will be considered cancelled.
**If for any reason you need to cancel a party PLEASE e-mail us or call (231) 388-3417 or (231) 878-0782.

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