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"My daughter loves skatetricity, she even went this year and we live in Illionois now she made the 5 hour drive just to be there for the new year. I love having a place she can go to she has been going for 4 years every weekend until we moved in july, but at least she made it to see the new year in with her friends at skatetricity, tami, steve, and as she says grandma and grandpa...thanks for keeping the kids safe you are the best" - Jean J. 

"i love skate on and everyone who works there :D" - Randi M.

"I would like to say thank you skatetricity! As a parent /guardian I was very concerned about letting our 14 year old come to the dance you had, with concerns of the kids spending time outside or in vehicles instead of the dance. We were there to pick her up and after she came out of the door to the car someone stepped out of the door and asked them where they were going. AWESOME! Thanks for caring...." - Jerry S.

"Skatetricity is definatly part of my family.! Been going there since I can remember. && I love this place like it's home.♥" - Karina J.

"I came for my birthday back in April and have been trying to get back ever since!! My friends and I had a blast!! Hoping to be back SOON!!! :) thank you for being the spot to get our skate on!! For these "spots" are so few and far between!!" - Jessica M. 

"I have loved this place for over 40 years! :)" - Kathy M.
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